Narcissists target you for supply. They abuse you and in many cases traumatize you either once, or in cyclical or on-going ways. Narcissistic Abuse from NPD and ASPD Cluster B personality disordered, diagnosed or not (yet) is sadistic abuse. That is to point out that the more they impact you and/or the more you let them know how much they have hurt you or react to them emotionally the more delight and supply they get out of their sadistic abusive efforts. Narcissists can target their prey (you are prey to them) not only for the supply of the “dance” and watching you hurt (in interpersonal relationships) but also with how they look forward to the discard. The charge they can get out of a discard may in some cases even be more than the supply or fuel they actually use you for during the targeting phase. Some Narcissists will target, hook and bait bomb you – remember “love-bombing is inaccurate to say as there is no “love” there at all.

They will target fully knowing and sadistically waiting for the right moment, when they sense or get some reaction, even if not emotional, to pull the discard. Discards, in some cases are final. In more cases than not, however, they can be cyclical, in the case of on-going relationships.

Cyclical daily, or a few times a week. There are many factors in each situation that can differ from the more often talked about Targeting, provoking, gaslighing etc., to discard. Do not ever underestimate the sadistic cunning emotional terror Narcissists seek to prey on you with. And in many cases, just when you think they are gone, boom, they are targeting you again or you find out about yet another smear campaign. Be mindful and aware to the less talked about Narcissistic Cyclical targeting the same victim/prey with varying degrees, and even up to years between each targeting. If they sense they can come back, and get more supply they will do just that.

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