Cluster B personality disordered individuals want what you have. They can’t get enough of it. They will invalidate you to get the very supply of validation that is under all they so need to get from you. They envy you. They are jealous of you. They want what you have in so many ways because they want to take it from you whether they deem it seemingly meaningless or unimportant or not. Never minimize the ways that Cluster B’s are trying to take the precious feelings, heart and soul that makes you — you. Never minimize how much they want to take from you just because they believe they are entitled to because they are empty and lost inside.




It is important to never minimize what a cluster B person is targeting you for. Not only what they want to get in supply or validation and being right and special but also what they seek to take from you that they can never have – that is yours – you knowing you, you being you, you feeling what you feel, and your talents and skills they are envious of and all the while trying to gaslight you into thinking that they have those talents and skills (whatever else they covet enviously from you) and that you don’t. Don’t allow yourself to be duped and fooled and traumatized this way. They want what we have or they wouldn’t need to our supply and to target us as they do. Self-awareness is crucial in you staying with yourself, and the Cluster B personality disordered person succeeding in pulling you into self-doubt, over-reactivity to them and things of that nature. Remember, if they can’t get positive fuel and supply they enjoy the negative which hurts you even more so very much more.

Cluster B personality disordered people at their core of need of validation and supply and attention, admiration, being special and the center of attention etc., etc., are trying equally as hard to target us for that validation they need. Because they can’t self-validate or regulate or exist in anyway from an inner self inside, is it any wonder why they are constantly targeting you (averagely healthy people) to invalidate in so many ways. Whether it is gaslighting, baiting, “Love bombing” which I call “hook-bombing” or “bait-bombing” or fear, obligation, and guilt (FOG) they try to leave us feeling along with projected out blaming and accusing you of what they are doing. They are so emotionally not home that they want and need what we have. Sad, but true. If you know this already, hopefully, you have learned or are continuing to learn how not to let this work with you anymore.

© A.J. Mahari, October 1, 2016 – All rights reserved.

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